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The advantages of junior middle school students studying abroad in America

1. Middle school students who apply for studying in America can learn the language and the knowledge of American culture and history at the same time, while experiencing the multiculturalism through the collision of human civilizations, the core value of liberty and law, and leading technologies. 

2. Children can adapt to the American educational philosophy and teaching method more easily and fully understand the accumulation and essence of American culture to lay a firm foundation for future study and even their future career. 

3. Studying abroad in America during middle school can develop insight, communication, team spirit and positive creativity. All these abilities and spirits are just the important influential factors for their career development. 

4. Studying in an American high school can create more beneficial conditions for applying for American famous universities. Students who apply at home will not only need excellent scores in both language and professional courses but also need to show their individuality and highlights which distinguish themselves from many other applicants. All these requirements can be met more easily through the study in an American middle school. 

Application conditions for U.S. junior high school

1. Levels 5-8

2. Age 11-14

3. The students who intend to apply for U.S. junior high school

4. From the wealthy family 

5. Good English skills, preferably with TOEFL Junior, SSAT and TOEFL results

6. Average score of the last two years is above C

Application process for U.S. junior high school

1. Consultation on the study abroad

2. School selection

3. Application

4. Interview

5. Issuance of admission letter

6. Application for visa

7. Guidance before departure

8. Admission

Application materials for U.S. junior high school

1. Transcripts

2. Recommendation letter

3. Standardized test scores

4. Application form

5. Application fee

6. Bank deposit certificate

7. Other documents necessary for application

The students who first come to the United States will face a lot of life problems and unfamiliar conditions.

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