EduElite is an educational consultancy which is registered legally in America. The expert and consultant group consists of former directors of Ivy League’s admission departments, former directors of boarding schools’ college application departments, and elites who studied abroad. The agency holds the latest admission trend of Ivy League and boarding schools while being familiar with admission policy of famous universities and application’s process, method and details. All the admission processes are completed in America. Relying on the solid partnership with universities and the service concept that one client is served with one special line, EduElite’s localization has determined its superiority over the studying-abroad agencies located in China both in time and space, opening up a new age when students can be admitted to American top 100 universities and excellent boarding schools only in a month. 

All editors of EduElite are the local Chinese Americans and American elites, who not only have the English proficiency as native Americans and in-depth comprehension of Chinese culture and language, but also know every detail in application (American students apply for schools, write personal essays, and fill in the application forms from high school to undergraduate and even postgraduate). Based on the one-to-one communication and enlightenment with students, an essay edited by EduElite can not only show the level and individuality of the student, which is favored by the admission director, but also inspire and direct the student to open the new page of upcoming overseas studying smoothly. 

EduElite provides professional and sound ground services in America for overseas students including airport pickup, host family, local full guardianship, health insurance, academic management, further education guidance, etc. 

By making full use of local resources, EduElite’s business covers the developing and marketing of the projects like winter and summer camp, study tour in America, leadership training and presentation training. Through the abundant resources and the premium services of itself, the agency provides a larger platform and more help for domestic agencies and students. With professionality, high quality, honesty and reliability, the agency will solve all the worries of studying-abroad agencies and parents thoroughly.