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[Senior high school] Successful application for Emmanuel Secondary School            
Name: Student D 

Attending school: A middle school in Liaoning Province

Admission school: Emmanuel Secondary School

Case analysis

1.Interview Preparation - the key to admission. Fully collected the application information of the applied universities and further studied the characteristics of universities, gave interview guidance to the student based on the needs and advantages, and conducted the several mock interviews (required the student to recite and practice the simulated interview questions every day).

2. The letter of recommendation from the teacher reflected the student's advantages and the recommending teachers were very representative, i.e. the teacher in charge, English teacher and math teacher. Three letters of recommendation showed the different qualities of the student such as the school performance, English ability, organizational ability, working ability, etc. to facilitate the admission committee to assess the overall strength of the student from all angles.

3. The essay was prepared with great care. PS: the essay was repeatedly modified word by word and sentence by sentence. First, the student wrote down the general content framework with Chinese which was discussed with the application planner. And then the details were adjusted and polished, and finally the essay was translated to English concisely and vividly.



[Undergraduate] Successful application for undergraduate math major in University of Washington                                

Name: Student Y

Attending school: A middle school in Shandong province

Admission school: University of Washington

Case analysis

1. Essay was written with high quality even without the good standardized results, and we didn’t give up.

2. Based on the application experiences, the University of Washington has always focused on essay. Therefore, we gave emphasis on this from the very beginning to help student Y explore the different materials and ideas.

3. We had updated the TOEFL score all the way.

4. Never give up hope, and firmly believe.



[Postgraduate] Successful application for Communication Master in University of Pennsylvania                

Name: Student Z

Attending school: A university in Beijing

Admission school: University of Pennsylvania

Case analysis

1. Make clear the language review plan

Student Z participated in the service system earlier. Our company has established the service team in April 2013. Therefore, the planner of elite university developed the review schedule early according to the situation of student and required the student to obtain the TOEFL score before February 2014 and the GRE score before September 2014. The student carefully reviewed step by step in accordance with the schedule set by the elite planner, and successfully completed the standardized examination of language, which has laid a good foundation for the early application and early admission.

2. Software experience supplementation

Rich software experience was very helpful for the application. When participating in the system, student Z had participated in many school activities with the very rich experience in campus practice. However, the internship experience of the student was insufficient at the time only with the internship at local radio. According to the suggestion of planner, the student Z began looking for the more well-known organization for internship, and obtained the internship in CCTV and other related internship experiences through unremitting efforts, thus greatly enriching the software conditions.


 Undergraduate Successful Application Case            

Name: B classmate

Admissions Institution: New York State High School

After counseling by consultants, EA successfully applied to the dream university

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