With the unique experiences and expertise, the undergraduate application consultant team composed of the former admission director of Ivy University, senior interviewer and admission advisor of boarding senior high school point out the right way for the students to the first 50th – 100th universities throughout the United States.

Application for undergraduate

Application process for undergraduate

1. Contact us to understand the basic situation of students and appoint the expert consultants;

2. Expert advice – Prepare the appropriate application plan according to the requirements of students and list the universities by various levels;

3. Contract confirmation - We will work with you to prepare for the application according to the plan, including the necessary documents, TOEFL/SAT preparation and letter of recommendation; For the open-book composition, the admission expert will guide the students to discover their distinctive highlights so that the experienced admission officer will never forget about you.

4. Improve the background – Arrange the social activities in summer as well as the interview and speech skills training.

5. Arrange the interview – Visit to the admission department and the interview with relevant admission officer.

6. Submission of I-20 - Follow-up services include the selection of dormitories, medical examination registration and authentication preparation.

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• Get informed of the new trend of admission

• Be familiar with the admission policy & application process of elite universities

• Understand the detailed method in various applying steps

The students who first come to the United States will face a lot of life problems and unfamiliar conditions.

EduElite in the United States provides the overseas students with the professional and complete landing service, and helps students to solve all the problems which cannot be solved by domestic intermediaries.

• Essay guidance

• Language training

• One-to-one guidance to discover the strengths of students

• Local advantages: Work closely with major universities in the United States

• Complete and scientific training and guidance mechanism